I’ve been thinking about the 1980s movie BIG and thinking….hmm. Go home to Momma’s house or stay in the city in a fun job and banging a red headed shorty. Decisions?!

I have no fucking idea why I recently keep thinking about this movie I have not seen in fucking years but for that….I’m coming to a conclusion that being a man and running my own life is far better then my childhood dreams of it.

I’m also not a pussy anymore. I don’t give a fuck how people think about it but I like people in general. Weird. I know.

Anyway. I’m thinking about the movie and the weird element of finishing your childhood and being under your mother’s domain is the shit. Adulthood is hard.

hmm. Where in the fuck was the father during that movie? He was like a fucking ghost that spoke from another room but didn’t matter enough to be seen.

Fucking hell. Anyway. Adulthood isn’t hard. It’s just not black and white. It’s grey with a side of understanding people are people and sometimes life is less binary compartmentalized good guys and bad guys. It’s more shit heads and fuckers trying to pretend their more then what they are.

What people were as children is more of the same shit they grow into x20. It sounds simple but it’s true and people try to fool you.

I got problems with the movie as an adult. There just is a level of bullshit to it I can’t rock with though I don’t hate the movie. I found it in part scary as a kid for the mystery and dangers of adulthood it brought to me until I realized now. It’s doing shit in a timely manner because shit has to get done whether you want to or not.

Adulthood is the shit your parents made you do to teach you there’s shit you got to do to keep shit moving right. Like, ain’t got shit to do with keeping the rent paid up on time.

Now. Josh in the movie learns this and then moves backward for reasons not clearly given but we assume to know that going backwards to finish learning basic again is fun or beautiful movie bullshit?!

That said. I like the ending for my reason only. Josh fucking didn’t even know his fucking SSN. His rise to power would have been a preclude to a jail sentence and a night on the bottom bunk with Big Al. His newest experiences would have been enlightening for his ass or nose smelling Big Al’s farts at night.

Yes. I am fucking with you but I had you going until the end. I hope you have a pleasent day.

warm regards



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