metamorphosis in process

I started this year out not knowing what I was going to do or write about. I just had a theme in mind.

To be honest and to service my bit of humor and lyrical impassioned poetical tongue to a would be travelor on the roads of the interwebs.

Truth is what I deal in. Blunt force of will truth to say what I say and stand on it and also to find a bit of humor to share with you (the reader) of leisure and every day habit, the joy I find in my mother tongue.

The joy of the song bird language.

What you are witnessing is my metamorphosis ongoing. This year were the first steps to it. Next year?


I finally figured out how to do the fucking podcast shit on my phone. Fucking hell! Some times I annoy myself by how fucking slow it takes me to pick up on certain shit. But, I have picked it up. I just need a theme for my podcast. Honest to blood, bone and truth to my Bardic soul I just want to keep doing what I’m doing at random spilling my soul and perceptive of the modern day times that have gone to the fucking doggs.

But. I need to tell a tale. I feel it now it pulls me to me to that place of my imagining. That place of Cybernetic watching eyes. Heavy Metal music blaring in a flying crusier’s on board radio as a blond hair Samaria light sword carrying solo is on a mission of vengeance racing down the sky ways to meet his destiny in the tower of blood.

hmm. Cyberpunk dreams are calling to me. Whispering of what could be a fun time. Cyberpunk dreams will be the name of my podcast to be.

warm regards



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