The monster you feed is the monster you’ll have to kill. A lesson from Little shop of Horrors

The movie scared the shit out of me as a kid. Now. I feel differently. I truly do think Little Shop of Horrors is a work of messages crafted brilliantly about archetypes of monsters.

i won’t go into the story so much because well it’s been done and I don’t care to. The messages behind the story are what I woke up this morning thinking about because I have an idea for a story swimming in my head.

I’ve told stories of people I liked. People I respected. Now I have an idea of story about a character I want to hate. A character that starts out small but for a little beast at his side. The beast is called Envy.

The beast is cute in the beginning if not a little strange to look at. It doesn’t feed on sunshine or water. It feeds on desire and want. It begs to be fed. It pleads with it’s master.

“Feed me.” Envy pleads in a voice of cute little child.

The master is beholden to it’s pet. He must feed it. He most take care of it. He must feed it with desire after desire until the beast grows larger. The beast needs to be feed something more. Something larger.

images and violent thoughts swim in the master’s head. Of the man he hates. Of the man with the girl he desires. Of the money he desires.

“Feed me.” The beast speaks in a deep voice and whispers plans into his master’s head.

My story wouldn’t be a pleasent in for the Master of Envy. The female he desires would be the element for his demise.

warm regards,



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