Newark City Lore: Trade schools? Public schools?

I woke up thinking about The movie Real Genius and thinking about the city life of young kids and how they learn shit. How can I make that interesting or engaging to read.

I can spell it all out in one post or I can gather it all out from a story about one child’s raise to adulthood in the city state. I also have the option of splitting it up between two prospectives.

I’ll save that for next month.

Newark isn’t like our world entirely. There are no public schools or private universities. Information is a marketal valuable item to be sold, traded or stolen. Education i.e. the means to getting the bag or eb credits. That can be gained by private tradesmen or family trades passed down through the family.

The theme for Cyberpunk’s world is survival and finding your place in the world by skill, will and dominace. There are no free rides. Everyone has to earn respect and their own place in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Newark City Lore: Trade schools? Public schools?

  1. The world of Cyberpunk is a cool one for a setting because it is easy to extrapolate our present world into the near future, and just make it way cooler. I feel the future’s going to be more like this than we suspect. Money, mercs, big corps, cool covers blown by clumsy agents … It’s all gonna be there, like that.

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    • Yeah. I agree. Once the ground work has been put in then you can build on Cyberpunk with simple stories of everyday human truths. Survival. Humilitation. Regret. Rebirth. Forgiveness. Big Corps and clumsy agents can converge given the right elements.


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