Writing and reading plans for 2022?

An idea was presented to me in a video I recently watched by a writer/YouTuber. How about writing a novel or short story a month. I like it. I want to keep also experimenting and learning different styles of writing and storytelling.

I have not read Beowulf. I want to re-read books I loved in my childhood. I also want to read and study Michael Moorcock shit.

Blogging wise, I have one more month until the end of the year. I might try to do something special poetry wise.As always I will seek to make fun of our modern day weird as days gone to the fucking doggs.

Holy shit. Hasn’t this year been a year that has gone fucking nutballs crazy. I still find it funny. We have three more years of delusions from media doped up digital dreams. 

The fucking ride doesn’t end. Still thankful for all the likes and such.


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