Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part Final

Chapter 22



I pushed Jason’s back and he picked up his daughter throwing her to Angel’s arms.

Jason and his brothers took off into the portal as Angel and Rain carried Goldy out the door. I made sure the bomb was set to give them enough time to leave before it went off.

I took off into the portal. Following them inside. Cy met me on the otherside frowning at me. I put a finger to his lips and took his hand as we followed them.

C. I. set up something. I had no idea but Cy had to see it.

We raced through the factory to the lab in the back past the android security guards that were left. The Judge guy was ripping through the metal men like paper with his arm and using it as a shield as he fired his P9.

They made it to the lab to find Cole Cash being in a heated battle with Rembrandt that he was losing badly. Dr. Jackson was dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood. The whole building was coming down. They only had minutes to wrap this shit up and get out of the building in time.

Shadows moved behind us. I turned to see five Rembrandts coming up behind Jason and his two brothers.


I tapped Jason’s shoulder. He turned leaping into battle with the Rembrandts. Swan and Tomahawk joined the battle.

They were outnumbered. They needed an edge. I snapped my fingers and threw my sword toward them my style sword and fighting style were now engrained in their culture.

I turned to Cy to seem grinning like a fool. “You just changed the game. I like. Now let’s see what C. I. has set up.” He said pointing to a battle being raged between Judge, Cash and their enemy.

Rembrandt was fast and a strong warrior but Judge and his brother were deadly fighters taking blows and lasting longer then they should.

Judge was smashed in face with a fist. His glasses in pieces. He fell down to his side. Rembrandt grabbed his throat and squeezed as Cole on the floor grabbed his ankle.

“We ain’t done fucker.” Cole said setting Rembrant’s leg on fire with his elemental powers.

Rembrandt laughed kicked him away and choked Judge. “The Rafe boys are finally going to meet your dear sweet mother in hell. You got me good but I took your mother, arm and now I’m taking your life. You should have stayed in the dregs. Twice the failure.”

Judge opened his eyes. They blazed with elemental fire. “Not this time fucker.” He said and blasted Rembrandt in the face with elemental fire.

Judge pushed his power to max eating into Rembrandt’s body until he was dusk. Judge then covered his eyes with his hands falling down.

Cole and the warriors came over to Judge as he coughed up blood and smiled at Cole. “I got a female now. You should meet her. This is her famil-” Judge passed out.

Cole sighed and then frowned as they heard something beeping in Judge’s jacket. Cole looked inside and found the device C. I. Put there.

Cy stared at the device. His mouth was open as it suddenly activated and transported all of them out of the building as it exploded in fire storm.

Cy and I walked away traveling in time to a moment when Judge was in the hospital sleeping in bed. C. I. Appeared in the room and Judge woke up.

He smiled at him. “Hey. Nice to see you. Your looking good.”

C. I. nodded. “I just came by to see how your doing. You look like shit but your smiling.”

Judge nodded. “I’m going on a vacation with my female. I got a week off my day job. Thanks by the way on saving my ass.”

C. I. shrugged. “No thanks needed. You want to know the reason.”

Judge shook his head. “No. It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry my people had a hand in stealing your shit and such.”

C. I. waved away his apology. “Your straight up, Judge. The only man I’ve ever met that wasn’t full of shit or judgemental at the same time. I’ll see ya.” He said and disappeared.

Cy stared not blinking for several hours. Time passed until Judge got out the hospital.

He watched as his brother and female picked him up from the hospital and they went to the out lands laughing and telling family stories.

Cy turned and met C. I as he was walking out of Newark. C. I. Held up his hand. C. I. slapped him a high five.

He turned to me. “Game over. You win. Lightning Blaze.”

I frowned. “What the fuck kind a name is that?”

Cy rolled his eyes. “Why can’t you not be a bitch for once.”


Warm Regards



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