JDMO is completed well for most part. Nanowrimo project complete. Now what?

Well it’s complete for most part. I hope a few people enjoyed the ride. I had to give you one nut buster in the end.

Now what now?

I’ll to sit down some time on my days off to see how many words the completed book is but over all I’m proud of the work.

Oh. I wrote a Epilogue to this shit but I’ll put that in the completed work. I might even add some subtext reason for why Bran and his brother are fire elements. Once again….this isn’t magic.

They would have been normal but for the other aliens fucking with their time line and history.

Anyway. Next goal is to complete my other book project with in the next few months. I’ll be buying a microphone and doing audiobook shit later.

Big projects in line for next year. I think I might do nanowrimo next year but a little different.

Real quick though. For the reading order it is as follows>



Part 1 to part 7

Orgins part 1

Part 8 to 9

Origins part 2

Part 10



Part 11 to Final

The commentary blogs and my thoughts on the story are not part of the book.

Overall it was a fun ride. I experimented a lot and I forced myself to write scenes that needed to be written in order for you (the reader) to understand how the charecter is like on a human level and to understand the level of pain life can throw at you and how it changes you.

Still though. JDMO was my ode to action movies, Bladerunner and classic tales I read and watched as a kid and adult. It may seem silly but fuck it we need a little silly and fun entertainment without some ass clown trying to preach to us about whatever.

So….Stars Wars is dead. It’s time for us to make Cyberpunk great again. I started it’s your turn now.

Happy November’s 💋

Warm Regards



2 thoughts on “JDMO is completed well for most part. Nanowrimo project complete. Now what?

  1. Cyberpunk’s great author was William Gibson. Hollywood recognized this because somebody told them (a fan) and hired him to write a screenplay for the classic Aliens franchise. And what did they do? The fuckers TRASHED HIS SCRIPT and said bye-bye Gibson.

    At least they didn’t take the money back. Thank God for the Law — Sometimes.

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