Redirection. Pay no attention to the asshole pulling your pants down. Look! A house on fire.

The simulation is in full swing. Everybody’s eyes are being directed to the biggest problem. The biggest scandel of the 21 century…

Kyle Rittenhouse?!

Isn’t that story over and done? Na’aw son. Look deeper. Look longer. Don’t look at….


It’s weird. It’s all to weird to me though I know the reason for it. This misdirection of attention on a court case that had no business being a court case. That had no logical stance on being won.

Still people desire me to care beyond a few moments of thought.

This simulation is crazy.


The fix was on to draw your attention away from the list as follows:

Ahmaud Arbery > A strange of man running while black while chased by rednecks in a pickup truck.

Joe Biden > Afghanistan loss and leadership failure. Forced vaccine mandates. Tanking economy. Supply chain problems. Inflation. Old as dirt and evil ass puppet on a string controlled by goble dumbasses in white dresses and pig’s blood hair dye and nail polish. media whores trying to start the fires for a fucking race war for ass and cash etc…

Oh and winter is coming soon….

Wait. That doesn’t matter. Rittenhouse is the worse thing to happen sense…Rittenhouse.

The clown cap parade continues for three more years of this shit. Check your calendars we’re headed into the fucking 2030s with swords, guns and masks to avoid catching the black plague of dumbasses that believe in fucking American cocain digital dreams.

I’m the hopeful one in a realistic future of few if outright no simulation digital dreams.

Fucking hell!

Warm Regards



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