Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 22

Chapter 21


We arrived at the authorities station front doors with the warriors tribe from the trailer park parking their vehicles out front.

It was evening and quiet. To quiet. I got out the cruiser watching as Goldy got out of her adopted father’s truck hauling Goldie with her by the arm. It started to rain lightly as it became dark.

I walked toward the station and opened the front door. An officer with his cap down nodded to me as he walked past me out the door. I noticed the side arm he had wasn’t a P9.

I had seen it before. I stopped him with a look. “Hey Chris. Did you get your man?”

He stared at me and nodded. “Yeah. I got him and I had to terminate him though and his operation. I got into a bit of row with Barney about it. He said I would have to take it up with you for a judgement sense you became an offical judge. Congratulations.”

I smiled at him. “Thanks Chris. The big Boss said I could keep my day job though so I’m happy about it. My judgement is simple. Evidence points to guilty then Barney will have to deal with the consequences. Are we closing down early for a donut run?”

Chris laughed and nodded. “Yeah. It’s my birthday. I’m treating everybody at Jonesboro donuts. We got a couple of people inside afraid of what you’ll say about closing down for the night. They kinda hurt my feelings.”

I patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry Chris. I’ll get em on out for your party.”

Chris nodded. “I’ll see ya.” He said walking away.

Goldy frowned at his profile. I whistled to her waving her inside. “Quit looking at other men and get your fine self in here so we can end this shit.”

Goldy blinked in surprise at me but then grinned and hurried on as her family cat called and laughed. I held open the door for Goldy as she dragged her clone inside.

I walked on a head though once they were inside. The station wasn’t that busy and their were more then a few officers inside. I crossed my arms over my chest and stood in the middle of the station until all eyes were on me.

“Alright. We’re closing up early tonight. It’s Chris’s birthday. He wants everybody to head on down to our spot and have a donut on him. All the pickpockets and non-violent criminals can go. The shitbags stay the night in their cages.” I said and headed to the lab while everyone rushed to get out of the station.

I led the way into the lab to find Barney and Julia on the floor tied up and their bodies electrified. I stepped over them toward a the far wall behind them. I could see any buttons or switches hidden. I turned looked at Goldie. She flinched.

“Open the door.” I said.

Goldy shoved her clone over toward the computer. She entered a few codes into a keypad and a door slid open in the wall to a walkway leading a portal of light.

“Miss Goldie. You can leave now. We have no use for you.”

Goldie stared at me. “What?”

Goldy took a hold of her chin. “This is the only chance I’m giving you. Don’t you fuck it up. Don’t fuck with my life again. Make one of your own.” She said before kissing her on the head and shoving her out the door.

Goldy got out her gun as I drew my P9 and stepped through the portal.

Warm Regards


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