Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 21

Chapter 20


What the fuck?

I turned to Cy who sat on his cherry red light cycle watching Goldy interview/ Interrogate Goldie while everyone else watched.

I shoved his shoulder to throw him off his bike but he didn’t move he just looked at me funny. “What?”

I stared at him open mouthed. “You trying to fuck with me. Where the hell did Goldie come from? C. I. was supposed to steal her from your subject.”

Cy frowned. “Subject? Steal? That wasn’t in the deal we made. Goldie still has a chance to choose C. I. for your win. Otherwise it looks like Judge Rafe is a head on you and him. You want to head back to my apartment.”

I opened my mouth to protest then realized he was right. He never said he was taking a side or what he would win. I turned to him to see his gaze watchful of C. I. a few a feet away as he watched and listened in on the interview through a listening device he had planted on Judge’s cruiser.

“C. I. is going to win over that Judge guy. That’s the deal?”

Cy nodded dismissively. “Yeah. Game on.”

I glared at his profile. “What exactly do the elders see in you anyway? I’m stronger and have more powers then you.”

Cy turned to me. His eyes. They changed into windows into the lives of the people here. I saw a man racing down a busy city street with the female of his choice as a passenger on his vacation. He lived in the moment. Work and play. He had his work and finite time of play but he took his play when he could.

His eyes changed again. I saw a boy roaring in rage as his mother was gun downed by authorities for selling drugs to corpo children. You see the boy become a man crying out for vengeance.

His eyes flicked through so many stories. Survivors. Warriors. Bad asses. Villians. People. So many lives of the people and then I saw myself laying in his bed naked smoking cigar as he rubbed my feet. My body vibrated with electrical energy and passion.

Cy blinked and his eyes returned to normal. “They’ll be heading to Jackson’s lab but I don’t think that will be the end of it. What do you think?” He said.

“I think C. I. wins in the end with a surpise you won’t see coming.”

Cy smiled holding out his hand. “Now that’s a bet. Game on. What do you want if I lose?”

I took his hand. “A name. Game on.”

Warm Regards,



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