Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 20

Summary: Goldy finds out where Cole Cash is and comes face to face with Goldie.

Chapter 19


My detapad sounded out a ring tone as we stepped into Cole’s apartment. It was clean and barely any furniture.

It was video request from Mother Angel.

I hit the receive button. Mother Angel came on the screen smiling and warming my heart.

“Hey, look at you glowing. Daddy must be putting it on you.” I said.

Mother Angel giggled and gave me a wink. “Oh your Daddy is doing that and more. We’re here at your place. When you coming over to give me a hug. I got a surprise for you.”

I looked at Bran as came out of Cole’s bedroom. “Let’s go. I’ll drop you off with your folks and continue the hunt.” He said.

I nodded and looked at Mother Angel. “I’m coming now. Bran is going to drop me off. He’s got business today.”

Mother Angel a face. “I still want a few words with and to see his reaction to the surprise to.”

I frowned. “Okay. I didn’t know it was both of us. Oh. I got Daddy’s present. I hope he’s going to like it. It took me months to find. I used Mr. Sigma as my go between.”

Mother Angel nodded. “Okay. Okay. But Bran has to stay long enough to see the surprise. I can’t wait to see you again. Hurry quick. Love ya.” She said kissing the screen before signing off.

I smiled as I put my detapad away. I looked at Bran to see him studying me. “What’s up?”

Bran shook his head. “I’m happy things are going well with you and your adopted family. I would stay for the party but-“

I held up a hand. “Don’t be. There’s always next year. My family celebrates each member once a day. It’s the only time we take a half day off from working. I can’t imagine what they’ll do for my birthday next year. Sense I was brought in. Swan’s day we went all out.”

Bran nodded and waved to the door. “Let’s go.”


We drove along in comfortable silence to my place just about outside of the city in a small airstream trailer park area. I waved to neighbors who all had on their Warrior jackets on.

“Hmm. So your extended family all live here?”

“Yeah. Daddy wanted me around family while you-” I stopped.

Bran smiled. “While I was in the hospital and couldn’t protect you. I get.” He said and looked forward and frowned as he came up to my airstream trailer.

I looked up to see my family all waiting for me with a barbecue going. My Daddy was cooking hamburgers swan and Rain playing cards on a picknic table and Mother Angel and Tomahawk were guarding my twin who was tied to a chair.

I got out when the crusier stopped. I started to run over to them but stopped got my present out and headed over to my Daddy hugged him and handed him his gift.

Daddy grinned at me putting the case down. “I take it you know the lady over here with your face?”

I shook head. “No and yes. She’s clone right?”

Daddy nodded studying me. “Go on over to her and say hello.”

I kissed his cheek and walked over to my twin. She stared at me in fear. Her mouth was gaged and she had none of my scars on her arms or body it seemed. She looked like me a life time a go.

I crouched down in front of her and took off her gage. We stared at each other.

“What’s your name?”


Angel snarled. “You ain’t my Goldy. Your a pretender.”

I looked at Mother Angel. “Momma. Let me handle this.”

Mother Angel sighed but nodded. Tomahawk was silent with a blade in his hands.

I studied Goldie. “Okay. I met C. I.”

Goldie flinched and closed her eyes. “Shit.”

I nodded. “He’s looking for you and whatever you took from him. I’m going to assume you were made by the asshole that mad scientist that made Rembrandt?”

Goldie nodded openning her eyes and studying me. “Yes. Dr. Jackson. I was supposed to replace you and get close to your family and mate to gather information and DNA samples. I met C. I. In passing. Dr. Jackson wanted a sample of his DNA and a weapon. I didn’t have a-.”

“Bitch. You had a choice.” Tomahawk said quickly. “Telling us the truth and falling on our protection as a female was a choice. You lied and now you get neither protection or loyalty.”

Tomahawk looked at me. “Don’t let your soft female heart be moved by her bullshit. She tried to make a move on Swan.”

I slapped her before I could stop myself. “Shit. Damn it.” I said and then took a breath. I stared at her. “You are in a lot of danger here. You tried to fuck my brother and you lied to my family. That’s a death sentence in my culture. But I need information from you. Do you know a man named Cole Cash?”

“No. I-“

I took the knife from Tomahawk and put it under her chin. She stared at me. I stared back. “I know you. I used to be like you. But I ain’t you now. Your going to tell me where he is and where I can find the mad scientist and his lab. So don’t bullshit me or I’ll dig out your heart and feed it to you.”

She stared at me and nodded her head.

Warm Regards,



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