JDMO…A word on Nomad politics and Lore.

What the fuck just happened with Goldy?

The shit was fucking funny to write and funnier to read back but there is a logical reason for her to act in a dominant tone and voice.

She’s a fucking nomad princess. The way she answered C. I. was culturally correct and civil. He stepped over the line.

Nomad culture is base or you can compare it to a wolf pack. Goldy is a archetype of a alpha female wolf hocked up to Bran a archetype of a alpha male wolf.

Female Nomads. In nomad culture the minute a female hooks up to a mate she becomes an adult and must stand in her female dominace. Protective of her family unit/tribe and submissive to her mate and male clan/tribal members.

Male Nomads. Must complete the rite of passage as a boy to enter adulthood and gain the rite of mating. A man must prove himself to be a bad ass mother fucker to the family of the female who vet him first as a potential for their unmated young female.

Again I’m not getting this from my ass I’ve gathered it from the way the charecters have enter acted when shit is thrown at them in the story. They behave in a current way.

Bran didn’t realize he was being veted by Goldy’s family but he passed the test by proving his dominace level was equal to or greater then Jason Warrior (Goldy’s adopted father) so Bran gained Goldy by default. Goldy entered adulthood when she took a fucking chair and smashed it against the head of the liberal shitbag that came at Bran with a sword.

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