JDMO…damn. I have to rewrite my ending or throw the shit out.

It’s the twists and turns of the story my dude. This thing has an end but the added theme of Bran having a brother that is related to the story is blowing my…..

Holy shit. I just realized something about the whole clone plot and why C.I. is going to….


I had to look up Cole Cash again. He’s in the backlog of my cyberpunk mornings. He’s a fixer like Sigma but less big time and more personal assistant shop keeper. He is Dredd though so he has his weirder side.

Cole Cash. C. I. interesting the names are similar. Hmm. I think Goldie should show up any time now.

Here’s a spoiler though you probably already figured it out if you’ve read the JDMO so far.

This is..

An ode to 1980 and early 1990s action movies

He is the bad ass.

You’re on his journey.

His quest is

To shoot

To punch

To kill…the fuck

Out of shitbags.

You mother fucking better know

This mother fucka gets the girl in the end and something can and will be

Blown the fuck up.

Fuck yeah!

Warm Regards,



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