I’ve been hearing shit about Australian government and their whole lockdowns and removal of freedom entirely. My thoughts…

Welcome to cyberpunk 2021.

No joke. The shit is what it is? Anybody that tells you different is holding the fucking whip and chain.

You got all the mixture of a perfect shit storm. The Australian government’s enemy is it’s fucking citizens also known as the pure bloods or the unvaccinated.

The government says do what we say or you know the fucking rest.


My thoughts for the people there is wait the evil fuckers out. They’ll die from their fears and pissing themselves to death worrying about you not complying to the whip. Stay home and stay strong.

This is the age of the properganda neo black plague of our modern shit stain times. The battle is for your mind and your own peace of mind.

One hour more. One day more and one breath at a time. You can survive. Don’t give into to fear but be strong & courageous. The weak die scared of shadows in the night. The strong overcome the darkest hours by patience and the ability to keep on living.

Warm Regards



2 thoughts on “I’ve been hearing shit about Australian government and their whole lockdowns and removal of freedom entirely. My thoughts…

  1. The protests are actually about the mandates, draconian restrictions in Victoria, and the ways in which state leaders are making power grabs. A growing percentage of people simply do not like to be threatened by their politicians, nor do they appreciate being told if they do not comply they will have their livlihoods removed from them.

    Despite the msm reporting with all of the name calling that is what these protests are about. That is once you get rid of the normal protest junkies who simply turn up to anything as they have their own agendas and axes to grind.

    I’m guessing you are on the side of the protesters but it is a fraction unclear from what you wrote.

    I support the protests as they are the right of the people to voice discontent. Thus if protests such as the ones in Australia and those around the world are unacceptable then the logical extension of that is that no protests are acceptable and must be squashed.

    It struck me that the environmental protests of the 70’s and 80’s were deemed radical until they gained popular support. It does provide perspective when you look back to other times of turbulence.

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    • So in general the problem has to do with politicans wanting more power and the ability to further subjugate their citizens through laws and force. Some citizens of course have a problem with their government having a more evident Master and Slave dynamic in their lives. Some citizens protecting desire freedom. Is this a correct assessment?


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