Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 17

Chapter 16


I walked out of lab with that damn song ringing in my head and the image of Miss Warrior’s high firm breasts and scared body in my mind. The woman was bold and fearless. She had come a long way from the scared victimized girl I met again.

I remembered. I turned as she followed me out of the lab and quickly zipped up her shirt before anyone else saw them. She looked at me. “I don’t mind scares, do you?” She asked in open way.

I smiled. She was still a virgin.”I don’t mind looking at your breasts but I do mind everybody else having a peek at your goods.”

Miss Warrior smiled. “I’ll keep them for your eyes and hands only then.”

Holy shit. What did I get myself into? I was going to make an ex-corpo Twenty-two year old virgin my woman. My poor old asshole Dad would be pissing himself laughing at the situation I was in now if he were alive today.

“Hey, what do we got here?” Barney said behind me.

I sighed turning to see Barney grinning up at me with a jelly donut in his hand, a shit eating grin and not a damn stain on his uniform.

“It’s exactly what it looks like Sarge. I’m taking my female out with me to do a few street assignments and then-“

“Fuck that. You two got the day off. You got your new side arm. Go take your girl out and have nice day. Tomorrow your ass going to work and Miss Warrior will be doing a lot of clerical work for you. Go on.” He said patting my shoulder as he moved past us into the lab.

“Ahh. What the fuck is this shit?” Barney roared as he heard the song blaring in the lab. “If you don’t turn that shit off right now I’ll give your ass something to like better then this shit.”

“Barney. I’m your boss now. I can play whatever music I like in my lab. You can’t-ahh shit. You didn’t have to slap my ass down. I told you smack it up. Hehe. Stop it. Don’t do it. Not in here damn it. Put me down. We’re still on the clock. I’m your fucking boss.”

I quickly closed the door. Holy shit. When the fuck did that start happening? I shook my head not wanting to know.

I looked at Miss Warrior but she was already walking away. I frowned hurried to catch up. “Where you headed to?”

“To get a box a condoms and a some fresh panties for tonight.” She said plainly as we walked through the station.

The officers at their desks all starting making cat calls and hollering. I past the jr. Officers who gave me high-fives and winks.

I sighed and led the way to the garage where we found the cruiser still in one piece. Miss Warrior smiled and moved to the passenger side while I took the driver’s side.

We got in and I started up the cruiser and headed out of the garage. “Alright Miss Warrior what do you want to do first before we see your family tonight?”


I looked at her. “Goldy.”

Miss Warrior nodded. “Call me Goldy and told you. I want to get a box of condoms and some fresh panties for tonight otherwise-oh wait. I have to get something for my Daddy tonight as well and maybe check up on a few things for the party. Do you mind?”

I shook my head. “I don’t mind at all. I got the time.” I said as I pulled out into traffic. I noticed a man with an eye patch pull up along side me on a black light cycle. I nodded to him.

He stared back and then gave a stiff nod before looking away to the street light.

I noticed the pistal on hip holster on his right leg. I hadn’t seen the model before. My eyes focused in on the model number of the pistal. The light changed and the man pulled away driving fast down the street.

“Miss Warrior-“


I smiled. “Goldy. You got your light pin and detapad handy?”

“Give me the number.”

“MZ200B_201Volt. I’m thinking it might be a electrical weapon of somekind. I’m going to need an ID on it. If we can get it.”

“Damn. You got some sharp 20/20 vision Bran.” Goldy said in amazement.

I smiled saying nothing because my vision was much better then that.

Warm Regards,



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