An Uber drive. Two world views. Materialist vs non materialist

Definitions: materialist

a person who is markedly more concerned with material things than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

Guardiandogg diffinition: I am not beholden to anything material to have control over me or valued above human life and my own principles of living. I am no one’s bitch. I am a slave to no human.

The story

It is a rare and delightful time to have a generally quiet and refreshing time on a long Uber ride.

I’m having a nice conversation with a materialist who is respectful and kind. He’s telling me about his success es in getting the bag from his job and his goal to make six figures. He’s close. He works for an airport and does Uber for vacation money.

Now there are questions and a conversation that leads me to conclude his philosophy by how he gauges what I want to do and what I would like to have.

I answer in kind.


I live in America. Materialists are everywhere. It’s the reason most folks from other countries come here for materialist reasons.

I’m fine with most materialists as long as they are respectful. I will even a bide pocket watching in moderation.

When a materialist crosses into my shit list is when they assume I NEED an expensive car to complete me or validate my identity.

With that said. I will encourage any person to go after their paper to achieve their dreams and self growth.


The conversation is going good. I do hear alot about him talking about stuff. What stuff I want. What stuff he wants to get. I listen but half heartedly because I’m writing on my phone and thinking about JDMO.

He’s hinting at me thinking about maybe trying out his gig. I could make a lot paper and get a lot of shit.

Oh I wrote the ending to Law & Nomad when he was talking about buying a boat and other stuff. The ending coming soon but I might have to rewrite it down the line.

That’s the weird part about materialists. There never seems to be a end goal of paper chasing. It just seems like a endless tunnel of money to chase and shit to get. I get it. I have a materialist side when I’m not writing, working, reading and playing video games. Just the idea of having a lot of shit makes my ass itch.

Warm Regards,



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