Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 16

Chapter 15


I was sneaking up on Cy with a lightning sword about to take off his head as he hid behind a wall looking down at someone. He waved for me to get down knowing I was behind him.

I shieved my sword and crept up close to his right side and peeked down below at the main street of Newark. I saw a man. A tall man dressed in a black trench coat, leather pants and green shirt. He had dark long chestnut hair and an eye patch on his left eye. He was different.

Cy pointed to the gun at his side. It was elemental lightning gun. I frowned. That type of gun shouldn’t even be here yet. That was ten years in the making.

Who was this guy? Did the elders send him?

Cy shook his head. He motioned with his hands that stranger just crept into the city from out lands.

Cy didn’t seem sure where he came from. Which made me think he might be another awoken one.

Cy shook his head. Cy was sure the stranger wasn’t one of us. So what the hell was he?

I frowned as I just realized that we were only communicating through thoughts. Cy was avoiding talking because the stranger could hear him or track him.

I could just kill him?

Cy shook his head. He motioned with his hands that the stranger wasn’t looking for us but we should keep out of his way until he went away.

I frowned at him. Why was he being a little chicken shit now? I was right about him. I looked up to see Ice looking down on us frowning at the stranger. He noticed me looking at him and flipped me off and ignored me. Damn it. What was I missing?

Cy glared at me. He pointed at me and and the man and at the city.

I didn’t bring him here?

Cy nodded and again pointed at the lightning gun. I looked at the gun model number and remembered. Shit. I remembered now and the few assholes that carried it. I knew this guy.

C.I. Snake.

He was supposed to be dead. That fucker must have come over some how. C.I. was a survivor though and he tended to follow me around. I guess it wasn’t a surprise he followed me here.

Hmm. I turned to Cy. I pointed toward that Judge guy and my C.I. Snake. I raised an eye brow.

Cy shook his head and pointed at me and him and grabbed my ass. I rolled my eyes.

Competition between them. The survivor gets Goldy. Cy glanced down at C.I. to see him look up at him.

They stared at each other and then promply they lost interest and looked away. I could understand. They were to similar in a lot of ways though of course Cy was the better. C.I. was by product of idea of Cyberpunk I had when I discovered him. Cy was Cyberpunk.

Cy looked pointed down at his apartment and the bed and squeezed my ass. I remembered that he was still pawing me. I didn’t remove his hand because I enjoyed having his hand on me and the attention from someone of our kind. Though I still had a purpose of proving myself the better.

I pointed again at Judge and C.I. I wanted to test his subject against mean.

Cy started to roll his eyes but then stopped frowned at something behind me and looked back at me.

“Okay.  If Goldy chooses Judge. He wins. If Goldie chooses C.I. you win.” He said and picked me up and carried to him bed.

I frowned at him as Cy as undressed me. “Are you trying to fuck with me?”

“I’m trying to fuck you period. I try not to concern myself with other people’s sex lives but my own.” He said and turned off the light.

Warm Regards,



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