Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 15

Chapter 14


🎡 Ass so tight.Β  Tits so firm. Baby you can buy whatever you like yeah. Baby we can go whatever you like yeah…🎡

Julia was listening to Lockhart Rules song Hot Wet Summer. When we walked into Julia’s lab. She was in her black uniform with the addition of a Silver horse badge on her right breast pocket and a lab jacket on. Her hair was bugglegum Pink today. She was rocking her body around as she examined a body laying on a table. She was also taking notes on her giant tablet detapad.

The body was on a hard steel table in front of her. When she moved I got full on look at the body that made me freeze a second before I realized how off the clone was and I relaxed. Whoever was trying to clone Bran still couldn’t get him right in all the most important places.

Bran took a look at me. He raised one sexy eye brow. I mouthed words. I want to fuck.

He relaxed and didn’t answer my request. I was close. He used to ignore it entirely.

Bran studied his clone on the slab. Julia studied him as she turned down her music to a low frequency.

“He’s not the first clone of yours that’s come around sense your last Infamous time on active street duty.” She said.

Bran nodded. “I know. But, the mad doctor is really getting detailed. It’s almost like I’m looking at my twin.”

Julia shrugged. “The mad doctor is getting close but your you, Judge Rafe. Every shit head pretender he sends in here always has a defect in his style of programing and personality. Besides all that bullshit the authorities know our own. Welcome back.”

Bran grinned and bumped fists with Julia. He motioned at her badge. “The badge looks great on you boss. Where’s my P9? I’m ready to get back to work.”

Julia grinned and pointed over to her desk behind her. Bran quickly went over to desk. Juila sneakly took a scan on his body with device in her hand. She saw me studying her then she took a scan of me.

I flipped her off. She laughed silently before putting the device away in her breast pocket.

“How do you like it?”

Bran picked it up with his left hand. His right arm hung at his side almost limply. He aimed at the floor, checked the aim and weight and smiled. His new P9 had a longer nose and wood grip and looked right in his hand.

“I’ll have to try it out at the rang but I like the design and feel.” Bran said.

“How’s your right arm?”

Bran expression didn’t change. “I can use it for a knock down and drag out fight but it’s useless to me otherwise. Got any cases I can take on?” He said.

Juila shrugged. “We always have cases. We will be saddling up with the mad doctor scientist soon. I just need you to handle a few street issues and take your female out for a date. I hear her adopted father is having a birthday party. She’ll need a date.”

Bran frowned at her. “Are you serious?”

Juila frowned at him. “A few things have changed sense you’ve been off the streets. Goldy and her family have gained a current importance in the nomad community. She needs a date. It’s an order.”

Bran blinked and nodded hulstering his P9 on his belt holster. He looked at me with that look again. Like I was a case or possible victim. Oh no. That wasn’t happening. I smiled at him.

“Julia is really making to much of me and my little family’s importance just to get me a date. Look this is the only reason you should be taking me out tonight.”

I started zipping down my shirt exposing my cleavage. Bran blinked and looked at me properly.

“That’s a good reason to take you out.” Bran admitted.

At the same time Julia turned up her music.

🎡 Yeah…I can lay it on you. Smack it down and shack you up..yeah..🎡

Warm Regards,



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