Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 14

Chapter 13


Game on! Bitch.

I frowned at the weird message in the sky as we neared the station after finally losing whoever the hell it was chasing us.

We drove up to the garage entrance. I put in my code and the door slid open. I heard alarms going off. Miss Warrior frowned at me.

I shook my head. “Don’t worry about just park your ride over there.” I motioned to a spot.”

Miss Warrior did as I instructed and parked. We got out as officers approuched us. I recognized one of them and put my hands over my head. Miss Warrior followed suit as they searched us.

“I heard about the baby girl. Trudy is a good name. I had a sweet aunt named Trudy. I never met a citizen in Newark state with the name that didn’t value the authority and was respectful. How you holding up Charlie?”

Officer Charlie Bell was a short man with bionic eyes and legs. He didn’t smile but he had a light expression around his grey eyes. “I’m feeling my shit, Judge. My little princess is keeping me and my female up all night. How’s your left arm holding up after it was removed?”

I frowned at him. “I didn’t have it removed. It’s the right arm and shoulder that was blown the fuck away.” I said watching him and the other. “You already knew that though. Have we been having problems?”

Charlie and the other officer relaxed and nodded. “Yeah. One or two jackasses coming through is all trying to pass for you.”

“Doppelgangers or clones?”

Charlie shrugged. “A little bit of both Sir. You and Miss Warrior can head on in we’ll have to search the car a bit. If we find anything weird we might have to trash it.”

“Damn it to hell. I just got this crusier for Bran.”

I looked at Miss Warrior to see her looking like she might cry. “Miss Warrior. I’ll get you a new ride if I have to with my bonus check next week. It’ll be alright.” I said as I lowered my  hands from the back of my head.

Charlie scanned my hand and then my bionic right arm for some reason. While the other officer kept staring at me silently.

I felt a weird buzzing sound around my head that lasted a few seconds then went away. I blinked and remembered the other officer’s name and grimanced. I nodded to Chloe.

“Hey Chloe. Happy belated birthday. I got gift cards in my desk for you.”

Chloe smiled kindly. “Hey Judge. Good to have you back in person and not through video calls. Knight Julia has your new P9 for you in the lab.”

I stared at her. “Another new prototype?”

Chloe shrugged. “Yes and no. We’re all getting upgrades. You and your woman can go on up to the lab.”

“Knock that shit off.” I told her.

Miss Warrior gave sweet smile. “Any time and any place. Bran.”

Holy shit. Miss Warrior was getting worse by the day. “I meant Chloe is doing her weird mind shit. I’m to old for you.”

Miss Warrior just smiled. I rolled my eyes and waved her forward to follow me.

Warm Regards,



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