Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 13

Chapter 12


I stepped through the portal into dimension 9.0. It stank. I walked toward the gates of Newark and passed through to the sound whistles from mortal flesh bags.

I looked down at myself and frowned and stared at my breasts that hugged a tight fitting black leather jumpsuit and stared at my boots and leather jacket.

What in the nine hells?

This wasn’t the form I had in mind. This had to be my rival’s doing. He was playing his childest jokes to impress our elder siblings.

I heard a light cycle coming up behind me. I turned and saw him. Cy was in the form of youthful 17 year old racing fast and had almost ran me down but I dodged in time and drew my lightening sword and swung for his head. I missed as he ducked and he attacked me with slap to my ass.

“Holy shit.” I cried out as I felt energy rocket through my ass to my core. I fell to the dirty street and heard the snickers of his mortal subjects.

“That boy has the touch.”

“My dude made the girl hot cry out with one touch.”

Damn it. I got to my feet blushing and looked around for a black cruiser to run him down with. My eyes came to rest on a pink cycle parked across the street. Damn him. I still raced over and jumped on it and chased after my rival.

Bastard. Trickster. I had awoken at the same time as him and evolved a much bigger dimension and world. Yet he got all the attention from Ice.

I would show them who was the better. It was time I shook up his world. I snapped my fingers and lightening element appeared in the world.

I could feel Cy’s annoyance at the change in his little backyard space effected and challenges arriving. I was going to beat him.

I looked up in the sky to see the clouds forming a short sentence…

Game on! Bitch.

Warm Regards,



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