Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 12

Chapter 11

Two months later


I straighted my arms out as I finished a report for my man. My detapad alarm went off along with a message alart. I picked up my jacket and detapad as I got up.

I looked at the message to see Momma Angel and the family was coming into city for Daddy’s birthday. I slipped on my jacket and got out my key to the crusier.

I had a lot to do. I waved to Jasmine and everybody as I headed out. Vad gave me a knowing look. “You going to get me something sweet for lunch?”

Vad always fucking around. “I’m going to go pick up my man. You can go fuck yourself.” I said as I headed out the door to the sound of his laughter.

I walked toward the front of the station stepping over a crusie jacker who tried to rub to the mustang MX cruiser. I hit the key combination and finger print.

I opened the door and got inside. I closed the door and started the engine and took off down the road.

I hit the hyper mode and launched up into the sky way and drove through traffic heading toward the hospital. I got to the place in ten minutes and smiled as I saw Bran waiting with a scowl on his face.

Bran was dressed in his black uniform and black leather jacket. His sunglasses were in place but he did smile as I waved to him as I drove up the corner. He looked even more muscled in his chest. His cybernetic arm looked normal and his new right hand was gloved.

He opened the passenger door and through his over night bag in the back. “Good morning Miss Warrior.” He said as he got in.

“Morning Bran. Where are we off today the office or back to your apartment?” I asked as I drove off.

Bran snorted and sighed. “Ah. Yeah. You must be in a good mood. I need to head in to the office to get my side arm and see what assignments I can pick up.”

I pouted wishing I had remembered to pick up his P9. I made a turn heading back to the station only to catch someone following us.

“Someone’s following us? My family is coming into the city for my Daddy’s birthday. You up for being my date?”

“Take main highway and take a hard right up to the skyway down the street. We can make it the station. Hello. What’s this?” He said and then reached inside my jacket to brush past my chest and then grabbed my 290 dragoon pistol.

He held up the red pistol frowning at it and me. “Who gave this?”

“My Daddy.” I said.

Bran smiled. “Fine choice in a fire arm. You been having trouble with elemental-“

An asshole shot at us from behind. Bran sighed. “You better speed up and make the turn now. They’re setting up some shit ahead.” He said as he rolled down his side window and then docked out to return fire.

I laughed and felt excited. New adventure and more chances on seducing my man around to a nomadic mating.”

Warm Regards,



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