Holy shit balls…this Kyle Rittenhouse court case is banana balls crazy..

Short story from my memory: Rioters wanted to riot and steal shit from a convient store. Some dude with AR-15 went to the store to make sure the store in his neighborhood wasn’t burned the fuck down. A couple of rioters came at the dude with the weapon for some reason and he shot em down because they looked like they might kill his ass for standing between them and stealing shit and or burning down a convient store.

Other people’s opinions…..

Black folks: He’s guilty send the white boy to prison who the fuck he think he is? You can’t be shooting people trying to riot and burn shit down. He didn’t own the store. What the fuck should he care.

White liberals asshats.: He’s guilty send that bitch to jail. Who the fuck does this racist white man think he is?

Dumb fucks: guns are scary. Who the fuck does he think he is send him to prison.

Everybody else: I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck.

Guardiandogg: Why the fuck didn’t the rioters go home when he told them to leave the store alone? They saw he had a rifle. What the fuck where they smoking? It’s a certain level of dumbfuck to fuck with a dude that has a rifle and asks you to walk away or you don’t walk away when you see that it is the social acceptable smart thing to do. I can’t comput the shit.

Anyway I’m watching the bullshit a little and it’s fucking banana balls crazy.

What the fuck is going on with this clown show trial?

Here’s an example. Look at the shit and listen to it. What the fuck is going on with this case?

I don’t know law but I know you can’t pull tricks in a trial. A prosecutor can’t bring shit up he hasn’t cleared with the fucking judge or bring up arguments on the low to try to play some fast and loose game on the court and what the fucking law says. This shit ain’t a movie.

The fuck?

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