Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive Part 11

Chapter 10


The pain, The loss, the fear and the fucking thought of how I was going to manage doing all the paperwork for the biggest shit day of my life buggled my mind. I had to write fifty pages to account for this shit plus the back work I still haven’t finished.

I was beyond pissed off. I was wasting a whole bunch of shit bags tonight. I took my time walking into the station with Miss Warrior and her family following me inside.

The station was in a state of madness with some criminals running around and my buddy Officer Jasmine was jammed up against a wall with some idiot trying to get his pants down. I walked up to him grabbed the back of his collar and yanked him off of her.

He took one look at me and shat himself before he passed out on the floor. I dropped him to the floor as I drew my P9 pusler from my hip holster and took in the station in one long stare.

“Order or death. Choose.” I said.

Things calmed down instantly. Officers got a hold of criminals that didn’t faint. One stupid criminal came running at me yelling like a clown with a Knight Sword.

Before I could react Miss Warrior took a chair and swung it against his head bringing him down and stomped him in the balls for good measure.

“Ahhh. Help. I want to file a report against the bitch.”

Fucking bleeding heart liberals. I motioned to Jasmine. “Take the criminal to the hole for attempted assault and disobedience to authorities and pickup that damn knight sword. I’m going to have words with the Knight that dropped it.”

Jasmine nodded and rushed over with Officer Zad and put iron bracelets on his wrists and ankles and hauled his ass up. He spat on Jasmine’s face.

Officer Jasmine kneed him in the balls. While Zad put the business end of blade to the criminal’s throat.

“You do that again and your going down for an extra sentence of two more years in the pin. Now move.” He said jerking him up with Jasmine and hauling him to the holding cell.

“Judge. Get your ass over here.” Barney called to me from open door in the back.

I nodded to him and turned to see Miss Warrior still making eyes at me. I smiled. “Thank you and your family for seeing me to the station but I have to-“

“I want to work for you.” Miss Warrior said. “I’m a skilled worker and I can type two hundred plus words a minute I can also-“

“Your hired.” I said quickly. “Put in your resume with Officer Jasmine when she gets back. The pay won’t be much but I’ll pay you half my salary for your dictation and clerical work. I’ll see you in a bit after I come back from a meeting with my supervisor.” I said.

Miss Warrior giggled and jumped up looking at me with sparkling eyes. I smiled nodded to her and her family who all looked like they wanted to kill me for even talking to their youngest member.

I walked away and headed toward Barney looked at me shaking his head looking pissed off at me or my condition I didn’t know.

“Fucking damn it to hell and back. The smartest thing you’ve done your whole career is finally get a damn assistant. Bring your sorry ass. We’re headed to the lab. Julia’s waiting with a consultant friend of hers.”

I frowned at him wondering what he meant but didn’t bother to ask because Barney looked like he might fire me for asking or shot me.

I followed Barney to the lab where Julia was waiting with a tall young man and beautiful short haired executive. The man turned to me eying my condition with fast moving eyes and then nodded himself.

“I can fix him up. It’ll take time but we have to start now.”

I frowned at him. “Who are you?”

He smiled nervously. “Alexander Bruce. I’m medical tech who specializes in recovery and biotechnology modifications. I’ll be your doctor handling your surgery today.” He said.

I shook my head. “I don’t have time for that shit today. I got shit bags to stomp and paperwork to get through afterward. Plus I can’t afford the shit on my salary.”

Julia smiled shaking her head. “Already cleared it with King Fish. I heard about your new assistant over the radio as well. She’ll do your paper. Barney.”

I felt something stab my neck before I turned to Barney who was glaring at me with a hyperdonic niddle. He shook his head at me as he helped me down to the floor.

“I can’t believe you thought I was going to let you go out in this condition any further. You got a will of pure steel and balls to match but your still a man. You need surgery today before some lucky shit bag wastes you on the fucking street. That ain’t happening on my watch. We’ll get the shit bags that made that fucker another day. Now get some rest.”

I smiled and laughed. “Don’t get all soft hearted on me now…

Warm Regards,


P. S.

It ain’t over….


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