Orgins Cyberpunk world part 2

Ice sat on his throne looking on Cyberpunk’s world and trials of it’s people. He looked down at Cyberpunk who stood on a police cruiser and was giving Ice the finger as a mortal called Bran Rafe stood in a company of warriors in awe of him and a lady who wanted to mate with him masssively.

Fire and Earth felt Ice’s emusement. They peeked down at the world.

“Why is he flipping you off this time?” Earth asked.

“I introduced the idea of a pulser weapon in to the world to see how the events would play off. I was making a bet with Cy.” Ice said grinning.

Fire smiled. “You lost the bet?”

Ice shrugged. “Yes and no.”

Fire and Earth nodded in agreement. Cyberpunk’s reactions to them and sense to fight on was delightful to watch and interesting in how it effected the people he touched.

Ice shook his head. “We still have got to find some means of interest for him outside of this little backwater universe.”

Wind appeared and showed a window into a larger universe where another being was waking up. Ice took in the being saw his pattern and thinking and got bored and looked away ignoring him. Then the little being didn’t like Ice’s indifference this only made Ice more bored.

“What do you think about him?” Wind asked.

“He’s a show-off nobody.” Ice said and looked as Cyberpunk was trying to hide something he was doing. Ice laughed. The others frowned until they looked and saw Cyberpunk trying harder to hide it.

They laughed at Cyberpunk making him flip them off and stop his activity until they weren’t watching him.

Ice saw the being cross over into Cyberpunk’s world for a time. Ice pointed at the world. “The little nobody is kicking up dust in Cyberpunk’s backyard. I bet two improvements on Cy.”

“I bet three for little being.” Wind said.

Fire and Earth said nothing. Sitting back and watching the show. Ice turned to Wind. “Your on little sister.”

Warm Regards



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