Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive part 9

Chapter 8


I laid the body on the medical table. Julia quickly went to work on strapping the head of dead clone with a silver sphere with glowing goggles and easing the eye lids open for the goggles.

Once that was done she went over to her computer and started bringing up the program. Twenty minutes later we were seeing a digital playback to when the clone was woken up an hour ago in Tony Marks office.

Tony Marks was talking with an older man with glasses and a tall dark man with long drags. The clone couldn’t hear what was said.

“Judge. Put your heltmet on I need a quick ID.” Julia said.

I slipped on the helmet and locked my gaze on the man with drags first. The information came up on the screen as a question mark.

“Damn. He’s a clone to. We can’t even get an ID number. Look at the old man.” Julia said.

I did so and a full biography came up. Oddly enough no first name though just a title. Dr. Jackson. Hmm.

“No first name. What’s that about?” I spoke my question aloud.

“He’s a crazy mad scientist who changed his first name to Dr. My guess. The important part here is we got a lead. The dude with dregs matches the description from your female.”

I frowned at her use “Your female” she was fucking with me of course so I ignored it. I turned to leave.

“Feed me an address on where to find the mad scientist I’m-“

“Wait.” Julia said.

I turned in time to see Tony Marks having his neck snapped by the man with dregs. The killer with dregs bent down and collected the detapad and wallet from Tony and then shot the body with a high powered blaster that dusted him. The screen went blank then.

“That’s all I can get. I recorded what we have and see what I missed but we have a serious problem. If and when that kind of weapon goes street-“

“Damn it. Send a text message to the chief. I got to go warn Miss Warrior and her family.”

“How will you do that? You don’t know where in the city the girl and her family are.” Julia said.

I smiled. “I put a tracker on Miss Warrior before I left her as long as she’s in the city. I can find her.” I said and turned to leave.

“A tracker?! Hey. Did you steal that from my lab? Judge? Judge?!”

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