JDMO and weird explanations for a twisted fun house world….

Now my explanation for explaining magic bullshit in a cyberpunk world isn’t really that but an orgin for why a bunch of alien assholes started fucking with the world testing it to see what would happen if the introduced their influences into it.

I’m not Tolkien. I just had a question about why is their magic in this world? Newark doesn’t need magic and there’s no cause for it so my explanation is somebody’s been fucking around with the world.

I don’t think of the dragons like gods because technically speaking they aren’t. It’s cause and effects and multi-verse bullshit.

Damn it. I’m going to have to read Michael Moorecock shit just flush this shit out more. I got one graphic novel by the dude and it’s banana balls crazy shit but brilliant shit.

Now to JDMO…

It’s going great to me and the surprise of the month is…..

This is the novel or novelette I’m going to finish for the month. I didn’t lose interest in my big project book just time and energy. It’s almost done but realistically it will be coming out next year. So I have some time and I just want to write about JDMO for right now.

Warm Regards



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