Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive part 8

Chapter 7


I sat outside a restaurant eating a burger in between Rain and Tomahawk. They were both on their detapads looking up contracts and looking up their portfolios.

Tomahawk was tall and muscled warrior like his name with sharp black eyes and handsome smile when looked at me. Rain was about my height and a beautiful woman with short black hair and silver blue bangs in her front.

I was silently looking between them and peeking at their detapads missing my own.

Something caught my eye as Rain detapad. The screen kept glitching every five seconds. Rain turned to me. I smiled.

“What’s wrong sweety?” She asked kindly.

“Nothing. Ah. Have you had your detapad a long time?”

Rain stared at me. “Sweety. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just noticed that your screen keeps glitching every five seconds. It might need repairing.” I said.

Rain put her detapad face down. She pursed her lips tightly and looked angry. “Thank you Sweety. I didn’t notice that for some reason. I did happen to get it repaired recently though. Something I’ll have to take care of later. Do you think I’m pretty?”

I frowned at the change of subject but didn’t mind. “I think your beautiful.”

“Am I more beautiful then your Momma Angel?”

Where was this strange conversation going? I wanted to get off. “You and Mother Angel are twins, right?”

Tomahawk snorted in laughed loudly. “She got there bitch.  Goldy. Is my detapad doing the same glitch?”

I looked at his detapad. I frowned realizing it was the same one. “Yes. Five minutes to the second. What is that?” I stared and then……

Tomahawk quickly slapped his detapad down on the table smashing it and then took out his sim card from the back. He shook his head. “Just a little trouble with our detapads. We’ll have to get a new repair man and detapads.”

I turned to see Rain did the same thing as Tomahawk. She took out her sim card. She looked at me and smiled.

“We’re all going shopping for detapads today sweety? Sounds like fun?”

I nodded finishing my burger and got up with them. We met up with the others down the street as they got done with whatever job they had to do. Angel, Rain and I went off together while the men went off to handle another job.

Angel, Rain and I went into a small shop in the lower district. A tall handsome blond man in a black suit greeted us with a smile. “Hello, female Warriors how may I serve you? Oh whose the young miss with you?”

Angel held up her hand standing in front of me.”She’s my kid. Her name’s Goldy. Be good Sigma. Goldy, this is Owen Sigma.”

“Hello, Mr. Sigma.” I said bowing to him.

Sigma frowned at me. “How old are you?”

“I’m Twenty-two.” I said.

“In nomad tradition.” He said.

“By nomad tradition I am underage however I have no intentions on you.” I admited.

Sigma grimanced and looked away from me to Angel and smiled. “What can I do for you?”

“I need six clean detapads and a pair of hypnotic defusers.” She said.

He glanced at me again and looked angry. He brought out a tray of blackberry blue detapads and took out two. He looked inside on a draw to his right and put a pair of goggles in the tray.

He slid the items to Angel. “You better fix her first hypnosis bullshit depending on what type works differently on young humanoid brains.”

Angel nodded and slid him a stack of credits. Rain took the goggles and put them on me. I saw a flash of two lights and a picture of a sunset.

“How do you feel?” Mr. Sigma asked.

“I feel good.” I said honestly.

Rain removed the goggles. Sigma slid over a piece of paper to Angel. “Take care it tonight.”

Angel nodded. “He fucked you over?”

Sigma’s eyes narrowed. “I had him clean my wife’s detapad. I told him what I would if he fucked with me.”

Angel grimanced but nodded. “We got it. No. Keep your money and it ain’t a favor. Later.” She said and led the way out of the shop.

Rain carried the tray as we got outside. I heard an explosion in the city and knew who had did it. I looked at Angel.

“Can we get some ice cream?”

Angel smiled. “That is the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

“And an excellent idea from our baby girl.” Rain said with a grin.

Warm Regards,



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