A wait a minute…how did magic get into the cyberpunk world of Newark? Orgins part 1

Okay. There is magic in Newark. I kinda forgot about it but it isn’t magic or not in the way you think of it. Let me explain….


Ice, Wind, Earth and Fire dragons have a conversation….

Ice sat on his ice throne in his mini Diminsional realm. Looking through his portal of realms over the large expansion catalog of worlds.

He was bored and in search of a realm that was different or at least had potential of him crafting it to be a current way.

His hand stopped on one mini world in back water universe. It was a forest and farming world with one major city in the north. He frowned at it because the world should be void of people. Yet, he saw them buzzing around the world in advanaced vehicles and living.

“How in the nine hells are you still surviving?”

His sister Fire appeared in a window of her own realm. She smiled at him.

“You find something interesting?”

Ice shrugged and motioned at the world he was looking at. She peeked over his shoulder and stared in surprise.

“The fuck? I thought they were gonners a century ago.”

Ice nodded. “Their last major super war killed nearly all their population. But their still alive and advancing.”

“Interesting. Do you think one of them will evolve to our level?”

“What bullshit are you talking, little sister?” Wind said appearing along side his siblings seated on his own throne. She peeked at the world and then her rolled her eyes.

“They’ll all be dead from their next earthquake.” He said and snapped his fingers to prove his point.

The world shook. People died and things stopped.

“See. I told you so.”

Ice held up a finger. “Wait and see.” He said and sure enough.

Time advanced. People started moving around and their city expanded and improved. Ice tapped a finger to his chin.

“This world has potential.”

Wind floated by him as she sat on her pillow. Her silver hair flowed down her back. She waved a hand against the city.

Gusts of wind blew against it but it stood and people walked and carried on.

Wind grinned and looked at Ice. “Your turn.”

Ice blew on the city covering it in snow for a few days. Some people died but the vast amount of people survived and advanced for the change in pattern.

He sat forward as he started noticing the hint of something.

“Where are you little brother?”

All three of his siblings looked at the world trying to find their 5th new brother. They could sense him but couldn’t find him yet.

Fire touched the ground adding her element to the world. This added in evolution change and yet it was minor.

Ice stared and his eyes went wide as the world advanced but one thing didn’t happen. “No war. How is that possible?” He touched the world adding his own change in the past. Again no war. There was violence. Madness. Yet. Someone was effecting the world in a certain way.

Ice smiled. “He’s waking up.” He said excited for the first time in Enos.

The others added their touches. The world advanced and then a highly advanced city called Newark stood tall.

Ice chuckled as he felt his little brother looking up at them frowning.

“Haven’t you alien assholes got something better to do with your time then fuck with these people?” Cyberpunk said appearing in the form of a silver blond hair street Runner out for delivery on his hover bike. He had the eyes of dragon and strange element of power.

They laughed at him as he gave them the finger.

Earth dragon sat on a street corner by his little brother in the form of solo agent with broad sword on his back. “What are you still doing here little brother? There is much for you to do and see. Join us.”

Cyberpunk rolled his eyes. “I got deliveries to make big brother or my boss is going to cew my ass out. I can’t sit around watching the vid screen all day. Later asshole.” He said before flipping him off and buzzing away on his bike.

Earth laughed as he stepped out of the world and sat on his throne. He nodded to Ice.

“Good work big brother. What fun can we have now?”

Wind nodded. “I like him. He’s got spirit.” She said.

Ice tapped his chin as the others looked at him. “Let’s see what we can do to get him out of this little world and travel around a bit to spread his interests around.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Fire giggled clapping her hands. “Oh. This will be so much fun. He’s so young and still has not seen or done enough.”

Ice couldn’t have agreed more. It was long time sense he taught a sibling the way of world making.

Warm Regards,


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