Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive part 7

Chapter 6


I headed out to the garage but not before getting my jacket and helmet at my desk and making a trip to the armor to suit up. I got to the garage to find julia waiting for me by my bike with a black helmet in her hand. She held it out to me.

I frowned but took it setting down my own helmet down by my bike. I gave it a once over. The tinted visor was augmented and showed the date, time and whether conditions today.

“What grid is this thing cyberlinked?” I asked her.

“Our network. It will feed you information, case law and communication to the station and the chief himself if need be. I made it myself. You’ll be the test dummy.” Julia said playfully.

I slipped on the helmet and watched the change come over julia’s expression. I took in the information brought to me first about her body type and zero previous criminal history.

“Damn fine work Officer Veto. Once my case is over you’ll have my backing with the executive commission of funds to back the project. Did you send out the wanted posters?”

Julia nodded snapping to attention. “Already done. Fucker is on the run but I already have eyes on him. He’s on route to the Queen Jade station and headed to the protected east side corporate section. Our people are down their in plain clothes keeping him from leaving.”

I nodded and got on my bike. I started it up with my thumb print and the doors to the garage slid open.

Julia still stood watching me. “Anything else?”

“Even with Gino Fish’s backing how far can you take this? This asshole your hunting has got connections. The girl will be hunted down once he discovers she’s alive.”

I shook my head at her rookie questions. Julia though was smart and ambitious and would probably end up being a knight. She had to understand now.

“Article code 2 violation, attempted murder violation of nomadic family laws and conspiracy of stantic rituals. Kidnapping. There’s so much shit in this case to deal with if we don’t clean it up now the fucking paperwork will be a hell of mess to go through later.” I told her plainly.

Julia stared at me. “Your serious?! This is about the paperwork?!”

I shrugged not anwering her question directly. “Twenty papers. A day more it goes up twenty more when we bust him for whatever else shit he’s already done we don’t know about. We got to work fast.” I said as I started up my bike and left the rookie staring after me shocked.


I drove out to Queen Jade parking at the front entrance and getting off my bike to walk to the entrance. Crowds parted for me as I walked inside.

I saw digital listings for minor offensives and jail times done on individuals. I ignored them all as I headed down the steps to the subway tunnel. I found a male executive in a black suit arguing with two undercover officers accusting him for sexual favors.

“Executive Tony Marks.”

The executive turned at the sound of my voice. He stared at the sight of me and screamed turning to run he tried to shove past the officers but they held him back. One of the officers kneed him in the balls and the  other shoved him back toward me.

I was an inch away from grabbing him when I saw a blaster shot hit his chest killing him instantly.


The crowds ran for the exits while I was attacked by blaster shots to my jacket and helmet. I drew my side arm.


The crowds dropped to the ground at my command. I fired on my five targets. All five went down.

The two officers came to my side. “Search em. Whatever you find get it back to Veto.” I said and bent down to props.

I bent down to go through the body of Tony Marks. I didn’t find a wallet or his detapad strangly. That was way off. I examined the back of his right ear. One bump was there.

Damn it. I examined his hands sure enough. No finger prints. He was a clone. A decoy so the Orginal Tony Marks was probably long gone now in the executive district protection.

What the hell was I going to do? I saw Julia’s face.

“What happened?”

“He’s a clone. The real one got away. We’ll have to back track Marks-“

“Already on it. Bring the body to the station.” Julia ordered me. “I maybe able to get something from it before it gets cold. I can do a brain scan in the lab.” She said and ended communication.

I smiled and hauled the body over my shoulder. The officers proceeded me as I carried the clone out.

Warm Regards,



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