Twists and turns in JDMO…

The plot my dude is on.

I feel a sense of excitement for what’s going to happen and to see the reactions from Goldy at finding out the kind of family she is apart of now.

The genre is slipping into mysterious type of feel. I know who the asshole who attacked Goldy is but the story is only hinting at him.

Depending on how this shit goes it maybe him or not.

I also want to add some more elements of Noir. Though I expected Bran’s chapters will be all action and guns going off in shit bags faces.

I have a scene in my head that I can’t wait to get to.

Oh the reason I’m being all mysterious about the asshole and other shit is because….

1. I hate spoilers for shit I give a damn about.

2. I might be wrong in my execution and thought.

I’m writing this shit like I’m riding a wave tunnel. I see to the other side but it’s glimpses. I have a plan but I’m doing this live….so I will say fuck the plan if it doesn’t make sense or it’s too boring.

Bran will need some type of arch in growth or status at the end though….

Na’aw fuck that noise. He’s Judge Dredd/Cobra. His arch is wasting shitbags until he hits the mother load and stomp their asses out.

Warm Regards,



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