Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive Part 6

Summary. Damn it. Damn it all to hell. This shit about Goldy’s fears of the asshole and hints of what is to come.

Chapter 5


I waited until we had left the officers station and were on route to our first job in the city. Jason had started the truck and was quiet. I sat between him and Angel.

Angel was watchful of our surroundings. “You got questions baby girl. Give me to now because our job is a block away.”

Damn it. I had to be concise and fast now. “Were you already hunting the man that…tried to kill me? If so are you using me to get to him?”

“Yes. Anything else.” Angel said directly.

There was a lot else. “Angel. I-“

Angel gave me a look. I smiled. “Mother Angel. I told you the full the reasons why pursing him now wouldn’t be wise and let Mr. Rafe dispose of him. He’s to well connected to a high enough ceo to have me declared legally dead and my family’s company taken.”

Angel looked away from me. “You want that law dog as your man?”

I felt my face heat up and glanced at Jason to see him pointedly staring at the road. I looked back at Angel to see her grinning.

“Th-that is not the point of this conversation Mother Angel. I-I know my limitations and options now. Why can’t we allow Mr. Rafe to terminate him?”

“There is nothing wrong with you beautiful.” Jason said softly. “You are beautiful girl any man would want. He didn’t reject you. His mind was on the business of hunting down shit bags. He was right though. That asshole that touched you isn’t the only one that needs killing. That piece of shit ex-husband of yours needs a mouth full of bullets for allowing that shit to happen to you.” He said.

I wiped my face because I was starting to cry uncontrollable. “I don’t understand why he didn’t kill me? I’m freak now. No man will want me. I just wanted it to stop. He kept-“

Angel took in her arms and rubbed a hand down my back as I cried into her shoulder. I cried until we stopped at a corner store. Jason got out slamming the door behind him. I heard Tomahawk and Swan follow Jason into the store.

I few seconds later I heard blaster shots and then silence. I stopped crying and Angel let me out of her embrace. She smiled at me.

“You feel better?”

I did but I was still worried. “Why can’t we let the authorities terminate him? He’s a monster with political power backing him.”

Angel smiled but her stare was cold. “He killed my step daughter and he abused and took your innocents. Your my daughter now. That fucker has to die by my hands. The first thing you got to know about being a nomand is you come after ours we hunt you down until the end of time until we get you. No political power can match a nomands code.”

I looked at the store as Jason and Tomahawk came out of the store. Jason carried flowers and Tomahawk a pink wig. Tomahawk winked at me as he passed the wig over to me.

“I thought of you kiddo when I saw it. We just earned 60k ebas for waisting a shitbag and his meth operation. I’ll get you some chocolates later today.”

I quickly took the hat off and put the wig on with Angel’s help. It wasn’t ideal but it was much better then the cap and being stared at with pity.

Jason got in handing me a dozen flowers. I took them gladly hugging them to my chest.

“Don’t waste time worrying Goldy. It’ll work out.”

I shook my head. “Don’t say that. You don’t know that. You’re all I have now. I can’t lose you to him. He’ll destory you all.” I said admitting my fear.

That man was evil and he had power. My family couldn’t stand against him. I thought back on even how Tony was around him and now I wasn’t sure who was working for whom. Tony hadn’t even looked at him the whole time and was probably more in a hurry to be away from the monster then not interested in seeing me tortured and killed on the road.

Jason smiled it was friendly at all. “Don’t you worry about us. We’re Warriors. We aren’t defeated so easily.”

“What is his name?” I asked not wanting to really know but I had to give him name or else he would always be some phantom demon in my mind that couldn’t be defeated.”

Jason looked at me. “Dead man.” He said softly in voice that let me know it was a promise as it was his right to preform.

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