Okay holy shit…the Judge Dredd & Overboard shit is turning into a book….

Look I’m doing this shit live…so fuck it. But from now on if this shit gets to long I’m putting in summaries at the jump.

I want to entertain you and not bore you. I had to write long form like that though because holy balls the shit Goldy went through was tough writing let alone having to figure out how to explain it as she would.

Goldy just feels real to me so I can’t fake it. I can’t really imagine shit like that happening but it happans to people so how do you deal with it. The fuck I know.

Another thing there is sub text and sub plot to this shit. I’m not just taking charecters from other stories and dumping them in this story. You’ll have an idea where it’s going but…

It might not go there.

I feel like I’m doing a class in writing but I have to. For blogging sake I want to keep it short but once I have thrown something at the charecter it’s their turn to react. I can’t pretty it up. The charecter will have to speak for themselves in the way they would react.

The antagonist is the type of dude that gets off on destroying and burning the world and I have only a slim idea who he might be.

Warm Regards,



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