Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive Part 4

Summary: This shit is too long. Goldy gets married to asshole that hired a satantic merc posing as a Newark officer to force her to sell her company. Bran is about to go Judge Dredd on some shit bags.

Chapter 3


I was victim in his eyes again. A case to solve or something to handle. Still he remembered my name that mattered at least.

I stared at Bran. He was older now but more filled out and muscular underneath his black senior officer uniform. His eyes were hidden behind dark tinted glasses.

I wanted him even more then when I was sixteen and watched him walk out of the courtroom after ordering the execution of the man that had a hand in my kidnapping.

Bran was silent for a long time. As I stared at him and patiently waiting. I sighed. “I won’t be able to testify in court. That would only get my family in trouble and you too. Also my name is Goldy Warrior. I will not acknowledge no other name but the one my nomand mother gave me. But, you can record me for the record.”

Bran set his detapad down and hit a record menu on it. “June 7th, 2082. This is senior Officer Bran Rafe in an interview with nomad Goldy Warrior. In regards to an attempted murder and possible illegal corporate take over. State your name please.” Bran said and sat back in his chair.

Damn. He was good. I sighed. He came the hard part. I couldn’t look at him so I looked at his name tag Rafe on his breast pocket.

“I am Goldy Warrior. My old name and title was taken from me on my wedding day yesterday. I needed funds to back a project for my company that would take our status up to stock option level. So I married executive Tony Marks of Detapad XP ink.

My birth mother made the arrangement before her death two months ago. I thought we got on well and respected each other. That was hopeful thinking from me. He decided we would have a nice drive out to his winter place in the out lands for a few days.

He owned a farm on the border of Newark that was well guarded. We were stopped a few miles out of the city on route 835 south by a Newark city crusier.

Tony seemed nervous but he wouldn’t answer me when I asked him what was wrong.

A man with dark chocolate skin and black dreadlocks approuched my window smiling at me. He had on a city uniform but he wasn’t an officer. I just knew it.

Tony unlocked my door. The man opened it dragged me out and punched me in the face before he started ripping my dress off until I was naked.

He kicked me in the stomach before he put a tablet on the ground. “Sign it.” The man said.

I picked it up and looked at the contract on it. Full ownership of my company. I signed it stupidly thinking at least I would leave with my life.

The man took the contract and went over to Tony handing it to him. Tony took off for the city leaving me with the man.

The man wasn’t done. He cut my hair and….yeah. He got out a whip and started whipping me until I couldn’t scream anymore and lay on the ground.

“You better be dead bitch. If I see you again. I’ll burn your ass next. Just stay dead.” He said and calmly got in the cousier.

That’s it.” I finished and looked at him.

Bran’s expression remained the same. “Did he sexually abuse you?”

Aw hell. I looked again at his name tag. “No. He urinated on me and seemed to enjoy trying to break me. He had an erection from the whole thing. He didn’t even use his gun in his holster.”

Bran reached under his arm to remove his gun and laid it on the desk in front of me. “Did he have a gun like this?”

I stared at the gun and then looked up at his face. “He did have a gun just like yours and I remember he had a name tag on his side right breast pocket. Coleman. Is that enough? Can you help me?”

Bran picked up his gun returning it to his holster and picked up his detapad. “That is more enough for a death sentence ruling.” He said calmly.

“We want first blood.” Angel said as Bran came up from his chair.

“Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth.” Jason said finally. “That bastard touched our kin. I don’t care if he was one of your own.”

Bran shook his head. “Officer Coleman died sixteen years ago in my arms from a drug bust. What we have here is an assassin possing as a officer with a stolen uniform and side arm. That is a death sentence.”

“The crime was commited outside your city state.” Jason countered. “The fucker is ours.”

Bran frowned. “Which fucker are asking about? The one in the uniform or the one that paid a assassin to impersonated an officer of Newark city state?”

Jason was quiet. Bran nodded as if he said something. “Whatever your game is just guard miss Warrior. This thing is only the beginning. Right now I have a bounty to issue out for Tony Marks. If your looking for someone to kill don’t worry they’ll be looking for Miss Warrior and you’ll soon enough.”

What the hell was going on?

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