Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive part 3

Chapter 2


I was at my desk filling out paperwork onto my computer from my last two cases today when Barney Blake came up with a confused look on his face and jelly donut stain on the front of his uniform.

He usually was spot on at work but he indulged in box of his favorite  Jonesboro Donuts at work on his birthday.

Shit. Today was his birthday. I forgot. I bent down and looked into my desk as he came up and got out the gift box filled with Jonesboro dount gift cards.

I handed it to him. Barney took it with a nod of thanks. “Bran. You got a girl out here asking for you personally to look into a possible case of attempted murder. She just came in with her family. I think you better look into it and maybe handle a judgement on it fast before it becomes a bigger problem we can’t control.”

I caught the question in tone in his voice. Barney was six years my senior caught on to a shit storm in conversations fast. “She corpo or is there something to it?”

Barney shook his head still frowning. “She sounds like a corpo, six generation but looks like a nomand from the look of her and her people. Something did happened to her by the wounds and signs of abuse on her. You got to handle it before her family starts going hunting in the city.”

Aw shit. That was the last thing we needed. Nomands were trouble enough when they got into bar fights. The second some asshole touches one of their females wrong they went for blood.

“I got it Sarge.” I said and got up.

Barney nodded. “No doubt in my mind Judge. Thanks for gift cards.”

I patted his shoulder and followed him out into the hallway and down to the interview room. He pointed to the door. I nodded to him and opened the door and walked inside.

I paused a moment taking in the scene. Two women were sitting with the young lady quietly while three men stood facing the door. The leader took in my appearance sizing me and leveled me with a cold stare.

I stared back and smiled at him giving him a nod before looking toward the victim. She was a pretty blond with a buzz cut she hid with a baseball cap she kept tugging down over her hair. She was dressed like the others in leather jeans, brown leather jacket and white shirt.

She looked up at me. I knew that look. I’ve seen it before countless times but I knew her look and her name. She was the reason I got my nickname Judge.

“Miss Sue Jennings. What can I do for you?” I said.

Sue smiled and started to speak but the dark haired beauty to her right caught my attention first.

“That isn’t her name anymore.” She said.

I studied the lady. “Ma’am. Is there a reason your speaking for miss Jennings? She is an adult.”

“Mrs. Warrior has every right. She’s my nomadic mother and my name isn’t Sue Jennings. It’s Goldy Warrior.” Sue said.

There were few Nomantic laws but they were as binding out in the Out lands as Newark city state laws. Every  officer on the street had them memorized.

I took out my detapad and ran a search over the Jennings Corporation family listing. The Corporation was bought out this morning after the death of the remaining heir Sue Jennings. No. Missing report just dead. Interesting. A good old fashioned corporate take over. My paperwork would have to wait.

“Pardon me. Miss Warrior for my mistake.” I said.

I sat down facing them. I looked up at the wall camera and signaled for them to cut the feed. The light went off the camera.

I turned to Sue. “Alright. Miss Warrior tell me what happened and we’ll go from there.” I said.

Warm Regards,



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