Follow your dreams from a realist propective.

I am an artist….

Well not really. I’m Bard with a practical realistic mindset about life and doing what I have to maintain lifestyle (food, roof, food) and my Bard habits (writing weird shit)

Again my hero in the Bard sense is Robert Frost. One of the great poets of the 20th century.

I don’t imagine he made any high volume of funds in poetry. That’s why he had a day job.

Why bring this up?

I spent my childhood and entire 20s chasing after becoming a competent writer. I succeeded really recently because I blog every day as a side gig to my day job. The benefits being inner growth as a writer and entertaining folks on the by-ways of the interwebs.

The art costs me hundreds of dollars every day. So I pose the question myself. Why do it?

Value and quality of life. I need to write. I need to explore my thoughts. Challenge myself and figure out decisions for the long term. I can’t do it in my head. I need to see those thoughts. I need to weigh those thoughts and I need an outlet to explore dream worlds and philosophy in allegorical fashion.

I need to write. It doesn’t turn off. It’s there when I work on my day job. I get ideas. I get thoughts I have to write down. I have to get out of my head. In a real way writing is my therapy or outlet for the consent flow of a busy mind.

It costs me hundreds of dollars a day to write. It would cost me thousands more if I didn’t already know how to manage my writing time on the go.

I’m a penny pincher on writing. One day I might be able to get down to only a dollar a day.

Warm Regards,



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