Properganda the seductive call that says there is no such thing as big dick energy.

Properganda is the consent flow of bullshit to make you believe in fantasies.


I’m thinking about the Simpsons Halloween episode where advertisements have come to life and are destorying the town. But the only way to kill them is to not pay attention to them.

That’s what properganda is to me shit that is feed by my attention on it so it can destory me. It’s pretty harmless otherwise if I don’t give a shit about it.


I don’t volunteer to listen to bullshit meant to fuck with my mind and waste my time.

Down side

It means I learn about shit late and I don’t give a fuck must times about the emotional triggers to the shit.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

A sure sign what your listening to or watching is properganda is someone telling me I’m in danger when I’m sitting on floor scratching my ass and all my bills are paid.


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