How many hours does it take to learn how to write?

Starting out as a writing 20+ years ago I was trash at the art. I learned early on it would take me 10,000 hours to master the art from internet articles and such.

Now well over 20+ years.

Some times I just how many hours it will take get really better at describing situations and surroundings.

I regret not blogging more. This year alone just blogging every day and experimenting has pushed me to leveling up more.

I have no idea where Cobra meets Judge Dredd came from or that court scene. It was a question. What is this guy like?

All I can guess at is that it comes from pushing through not knowing and falling back on practice time spent doing something. Your trained muscles and imagination figure it. I don’t regret the time I’ve spent writing. Just to get to a level that I can produce written works I enjoy reading as much as other readers.

This is my return at last. It was worth the cost of 20 years of my life. Now I have less time but I still make the most of it.

My advice. Write more. At the same figure out what works and make the most of your time.

Warm Regards,



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