Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive

I don’t have a story just have an idea. A man. A belief.



The court room was quiet as I took the stand. I waved a deputy that came to me with the law book of Newark to place my hand on it.

The state Prosecutor Jim Jones was dressed in a expensive black suit and red tie with tattoos on his palm approached me with smile and a plan in his head about how this would go down.

“Officer Rafe. Can you tell us what happened on August 6th 2076 at 4 a.m.”

I nodded. “It was 4 a.m. I was on my bike cruiser on patrol. On the outskirts of Newark City State lines.

I pulled over along side a black Sadan crusier that was parked half on on road and in traffic without the hazard lights on. Four crusiers were all hunking their horns so the driver could move on.

I got off my bike and came along side the driver’s side. I knocked on the door. The driver slid his window down and blowed cigar smoke in my face.

I took in the inside of the vehicle. It was clean and no smell of drugs. He had one passenger. A blond hair female mid to early 20s. No tattoos or piecing and normal non enhanced blue eyes. She was naked and staring straight ahead covering her breasts.

I looked at the driver. I told him, it’s illegal for your wife to travel naked on the streets of Newark. Please put a dress on miss. May I have your license and registration Sir?

The driver laughs and says. “She isn’t my wife or girlfriend. She’s a young teenager I’m renting for the night. Officer. You should run along. Here take my license it should explain things and then you can run along.” The driver said.

I took his license and ran it through my detapad. I got his profile Executive Danny Wetts. Owner of Wetts Bank and holdings. I got a red line on his file with a note to let him pass through.

I checked the scene. The vehicle was parked over the boarder line on the passenger side. I handed Mr. Wetts his license and registration. I looked at the young miss.

Miss how old are you? Do you wish to leave?

The miss frowned at the question. She looked at me. “Sixteen. Why do you ask? Please help me. My name is Sue Jennings. My mother is an executive. She’ll pay you-“

Mr. Wetts slapped her hard. Silencing her. I looked at her.

Your free to leave the vehicle. I will take you home. I told her.

Mr. Wetts laughed again waved me away. “Go away law dog. Your asking for trouble.” He started the engine.

As he moved I saw a officer issued P9 pulser in his suit jacket. I had scanned over Mr. Wetts profile. He wasn’t an officer. I proceeded to beat and yank him out of his vehicle throw him to the ground and stomp on him until he lay flat on the road.

I then took the officer weapon in his possession and I’D it as a match for recently murdered Officer Will Collins. I found him guilty of theft and Conspiracy of murder. He pleaded for a life sentence I granted him 50 years in the Pin hard labor. I stayed at the scene until officers came to take him away and then I took the girl home.”

The Prosecutor stared between me and the judge. He frowned at the judge. “Your honor article code 2 maybe on the books but-“

“Is there anything else Prosecutor?” The judge asked cutting him off.

The Prosecutor shook his head. I looked at the girl and her mother and back at the Prosecutor. “Jim Jones, you are held guilty of article code 2. I have traced the stolen officer side arm back to you and have testimony proof of your crimes. You are also charged with suppression of the laws of Newark city state. How do you plead? Death or 100 years imprisonment hard labor?”

Prosecutor looked like a ghost. He stared at me. “I demand a re trial with a jury of my peers.”

A hood was placed over his head and officers had taken him to the back of the judge’s execution room. A few minutes later officers came back with the hood. I got up and walked out of court the room.

End of Prologue…this is just the charecters set up.


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