I’m busy busy right now…so much to do. (Writing and publishing)

I’m publishing an ebook on Monday. Still have finish the edits and formating and such to get it were I want it. I still need a bookcover and I’m trying to decide on other issues.

The kindle print and ebook version will take time to do and I’ll have to arrange everything. But I’m publishing the novelette on the blog.

What do I have planned for November’s Kiss?

I’m still working on book two of La Rue. I want to finish it next month and or start a new book as a challenge but I’ll be focused on La Rue book 2 getting done this year.

I’m happy with my results writing wise this year. A lot of short stories written and finished. I’m also happy with the story I’ll be publishing next month.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I’m reading Robert Frost poetry again a loud and is heavenly.


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