Ice Cube turns down 9 mil deal because fuckers said he had to do something, he already said he wouldn’t do. What the fuck is the mystery here?

Money hungry assholes are surprised he told sony producers to go fuck themselves.


Why the fuck are people surprised? The man worked his ass off for years to get into a position he doesn’t have to put up with the bullshit when…

He’s told people in business with him how it’s going to be and then they come back months later and tell him…

“Ya ah. Fuck what you want said, do what we say.”

The fuckers told the shit to a rich man that is known for being independent to his soul and ain’t about being nobody’s bitch.

Wait. I realized why dudes are either shocked or looking at Cube like he crazy.

Why? Because a lot a dudes would take the jab to their ass and a smack to the ass for cash.

Producers: “You want the money? Pull pants down and take the jab, boy!”

Beta bitch simp: Yes, Sir boss. I be taking my pants down for you. Please be giving me a slap on the ass Mas-ter.”

Warm Regards,



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