Alright ebook finished for November’s kiss.

I just finished the editing, bookcover and formating for the book I’m publishing on the blog for November 1st. It was a bit a work. Still have to get to work on kindle print version and such but I like it.

Right now it’s on version 001. I’ll do updates in the future.

The novelette is apart of series of books taking place in alternate timeline or earth. No book order as yet just a story idea I had in the back logs.

Here’s a hint about the story….

A hero…..

He just wanted to stop. He just wanted to die. But…but his brother’s voice in his head told him to get up. He had a job to do.

He couldn’t give in to it. He couldn’t just close his eyes one final time. They needed him. He had to push. He had push. Raising to his feet and leaping into the air. He paused in mid air and looked over a city burning and saw his target a mother holding her child up for him to take away to save habor away. Away from the madness.

Warm Regards,



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