Near end of the year what have I learned about blogging…..

The inspiration for this blog post.

I lean toward brainstorming, storytelling and trying things out…


My main flavor or what I go back to is the poetic verse or the voice of the bard.

I had a mission at the beginning of the year regarding this blog. I wanted to make you…the would reader of this blog laugh, think or provide a break from the weird cyberpunk, dystopian 2020s we’ve all managed to find ourselves in.

Even when I’ve blogged pissed off or shared my joy of the day it was in my bardic voice with the mindset….

If your reading along this far let me give you some laughter on your way on throughout the day. If I have to be pissed I got to find some comedy in it for the both of us.

I’ve measured my sucess by the likes, by the comments and by the readership raise. My plans are incomplete and my success on-going. I have a goal for the blog. I’ll reach or die before that time. I don’t quit. I am dogmatic and hard-headed. The fucking ride doesn’t end. I am the guardiandogg.

Honable mentions…

The bloggers that inspire me are Vox Day and Bogdan Dragos.

Both have the poetic bardic voice and Expound truth, honesty and voice in what they produce.

Final thoughts….

The brainstorming stuff came out of nowhere but really it was an idea and something I would like to teach. Writing isn’t complicated. If you enjoy the practice then you write a lot but young writers or inspiring ones need to learn one thing from the brainstorming writing sessions. I write them in one day. (Hence the fucked up grammer issues.) I rewrite several hours after work or days later. But the lesson I want you (inspired young writer) to know and please understand…..

Stop fucking around and write the damn book. Fuck your Insecurities I want to read it.

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “Near end of the year what have I learned about blogging…..

  1. Okay, so I’m a huge 27 pages down into your blog, Dogg, going back to October of last year. I will be honest, I missed a lot of your stuff. I’m now going to make an effort to reread everything I missed. Here’s how I’ll do it.

    I’ll type in the title of the last piece I read:

    near end of the year what I have learned about blogging

    That’s your title. Do a search for it. If you don’t have a search function, go into widgets and put one in.

    Or just go to page/28

    Anyway, now for my comment. You write about learning to write. I disagree that it’s easy. I think you have to be naturally gifted, and practice a fuck of a lot. I had another blog (actually a bunch of blogs I deleted) before this one. I reread the stuff I produced, and it’s only the current blog that qualifies as “good enough” for me. Great, even.

    So far I sense you can do even better than you have. And that you have a need to reach the next level. You’ll get there if you try.

    Warmest regards,


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  2. Oh. I know. I’ll get better. The more I write and study the better I get. I don’t think I said it was easy. It’s not complicated. You have to write to get better. You have to read/study to figure out what works for you and what sounds right to your voice….

    Granted. I have been doing writing seriously for 30 years. So it might be less complicated to me.


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