The long winter ahead…

I pause in my brainstorming and have a few thoughts for bullshit ahead of me. For shit or a complete dumpster fire…

Biden is the President the fuckers wanted. Biden is President they needed so we’re about to see what the fuck that means for next four years…

Sattle up! This bitch is headed into the long winter….

Can your hear the comedy in my tone?

Can you hear the merry enjoyment of it all?

We’re headed into conflict. We’re headed into the time of testing. One thing is for sure the weak will fall away and strong will survive. The time is upon us. Decide. Choose to hold your middle finger up and survive by saying….

No. I ain’t going down without a fight. No. I will not help assure your sense of togetherness by rolling in the shit with the rest of the burning assholes.

Hope. It’s not in a human being. It’s not in President or political ideal. Hope is crafted on the possible real outcome that the sun will shine again. The wicked will burn in their own desires and taste the results of their unchecked passions.

I’m hopeful that current political simulation is breaking around me and will come to an end. Then, people will be see reality again. We exist on the real. But, until then I’ll put my back to the wind. I got to get some mittons and store up some food.

Be ready and be courageous for the time to be is already upon us.

Warm Regards,



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