Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) Final

In honor of Trinity, fuck Matrix two and three. Let’s go!

Chapter 5


I had an idea what the codes to the back on the card meant and seeing the bitch fighting to loose from Berry let me know I might be on to something.

“Berry put the bitch to sleep.” I said.

Berry snapped Betty’s neck. That wasn’t what I meant but neither Chris or anyone else gave a damn.

Berry through her body to the side of the dinning room as I jacked into the typewriter port.

I closed my eyes and found myself in the library of the mansion super computer.

“Code. 666_2011999Juneghost.”

The room blinked and went blue. I heard running feet in the computer room coming to me. Viruses. I did a quick scan of the library and downloaded what I could and found a file I sent to my detapad.

I tried to blink out but I got locked in still. I saw a message before my eyes.

“This is the end of the road. Sorry Jill but Chris doesn’t need you hamstringing him for what’s coming. -West

I smiled. Poor West. He thought so little me. The door behind burst open. I turned as green and red men held assault rifles pointed at me.

I looked behind them to see a phone booth down a hallway. I just had to get past these assholes.

They fired on me as I leaped forward changing into a bird and flying past their heads out the door way I raced to the phone booth.

Sentinel fire guard caught me by the throat and slammed me to the wall. I grabbed a hold of his wrist and burned him with a suit down code I had found in my quick scan. I took off toward the phonebooth at a dead run as hords of enemies started attacking me.

I leaped up and came down punching the system with a virus that shook the core of the system and melted the guards.

I made to the phone booth and idialed Chris’s birthday on the receiver as I saw a semi truck racing toward. I braced the window and used the force of the truck crashing into the booth to brack the lock keeping me inside.

I jacked out and Chris caught me as I fell. I got out of his arms quickly and got out my detapad. “Alright what were you trying to hide so bad.”

I brought up the video as my unit gathered around me. I hit play.

West was folding his arms across his chest as several soldiers stood behind him. “You will stay here and complete the mission while I ready Raccoon city for the final outbreak of Covid 69.”

Betty glared at him. “We’ve sent everything we have against Chris and that bitch Ruby. They’re killing them all. What the fuck else you expect me do. The mission is a fail.”

West shook his head. “Not at all. Chris and Ruby survived. They’re fit for the world One World is planning. Jill and that old rust bucket model have to be destroyed. They’re totally useless. I need you to activate TS and send her to take care of Jill and Berry.”

“Fuck them.” Betty said. “It’s not my program to-“

“You will as your told or I will kill you now. Finish off Jill and Berry. If you fail the EMP rifle will take care of Berry. Take the jeep back. Do you get me?”

Betty stared at him but nodded. “Yes Sir.”

The security video ended. I frowned as minded worked backwards. Something still wasn’t adding up. “Why take the jeep?”

“What’s wrong with the Jeep?” Chris asked.

“There’s a helicopter on the roof. I found about it in the files I downloaded. It would be quicker to get out and back to Raccoon city.”

Ruby chuckled. We looked at her. “What?”

Ruby’s face turned grim. “West had no intention of Betty getting out alive. He must have hocked the jeep up with explosives and a timer. Though if he wanted as all dead I would have set the mansion up as well to make sure none of us got out to fuck up his fanatic plans.”

I stared at her and started running toward the door. They rushed to catch up to me without a word. I led the way upstairs and then toward roof where the The Bo105 sat ready.

I got inside strapped into the pilot seat as everyone filed in. I started it up and quickly got it in the air and racing away.

Five minutes later the mansion explosed into flames.

“Son of bitch West. Your ass mean.” I said as I raced toward Raccoon city.

Act 1 ended

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