Writing weird shit 4 action and weirdness

I think Resident Evil but not really Resident Evil shit is almost done for act 1.

It’s weird writing action for a spider section. I was hesitant on doing it in the first place but I thought fuck it throw some shit at Jill and see how she deals with it.

The ending for act 1 is close. It might be chapter 5. We’re almost at the end of October so I’ll be heating it up for act 2.

Hmm. I might. I just might try to add in some silent hill shit for act 2.

It will be interesting to see were this shit is going for the end.

– Action in motion –

The theme is clear.

The course is set.

We most move and move

To the drum of the beat.

The plot is going.

Racing to the end.

The action is delightful.

It is a fun ride to the end.

Warm Regards,



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