Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 11

Chapter 4


Berry and I tracked through the mansion quickly not meeting any other threat as we explored the mansion. The only place of interest I found was the armory. We stocked up on rounds and I collected a shotgun. I looked at my detapad and realized we needed to head back.

Berry had a grim expression and was quiet on the way back. I knew what he was thinking.

It was to quiet and some asshole was watching us. He was waiting to drop in on us. We were being hunted. Berry kept close to me and ready while I had my gun out and kept alart to sounds and what was going on around me…

We made it to the last hallway before we nearly reached area we came in the mansion in. I glanced out the window seeing a jeep outside. It hadn’t been there before.

I also caught a glimpse of something on the ceiling. Eight legs. Hairy body. Holy shit.

I holstered my pistal and reloaded my shotgun with special rounds. Berry noticed me do it but made no comment. He just kept walking.

I moved in front of him and then took off running. Something hot and deadly was shot on my back and started eating through my jacket as I turned aimed and fired.

12 gauge napalm rounds launched at the giant spider as I had to drop my weapon and work off my jacket and shirt before the Acid got to my skin.

The spider screamed and fell to the floor. Berry was quickly on it with his knife slicing and dicing the bitch before he ripped it apart with his bare hands killing it finally.

Berry stripped himself of his acid covered jacket and shirt. He stood un harmed brushing himself off. “You good?”

I lathered my chest and back in green and red herbs and nodded. “I’m good. Let’s go!”

Berry nodded walking toward the door and opening it to be shot in the chest. He caught the asshole by the throat and pinned Betty to the wall.

I checked her for guns and removed her knife and a key card with a code on the back of it. She stared at Berry in shock.

“Damn you. That EMP round was supposed to frie your core. What the fuck are you?”

I shook my head. Bitch had no idea what Berry was. “Fuck your questions bitch. Bring her Berry. We need to meet up with Chris.”

Warm Regards,



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