Main book project for today a whole lot of copy and paste work.

The book is picking up speed now well not really. It’s moving along.

I set my timer to 2 hours and 4 minutes. Again most of the work I did was copy and paste work from notes I already had on my phone just this past week.

The one or two chapters I added where to help fit my notes in with the book.

The second draft I know is going to be a beast but I know it’s going to be enjoyable rewriting and working it to all fit together and be nice.

I’m adding more lore, action and plot elements into the book to fill out the middle and connect it all. Not there yet. I still have to smooth out the plot and keep the pace going.

I added in a fight scene and a few character moments.

I have a lot of notes. Still need more content and a strong middle to connect it all but…I love how the story is shaping out.

Warm Regards,



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