Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 10

Chapter 4


“Chris! Out of the way!”

I frowned and looked past enemies as they came at me. I saw the green uniform, red hair and the katana blade as Ruby came running toward the group of T1s.


I kicked off the wall leaping over the their heads and ran along the side wall as Ruby came swinging her katana slicing and cutting down the group of T1s as she went into her dance of death.

I avoided the dance entirely and landed on the other side. I turned back in time to see her end her dance with a jump spin kick to a T1 that snapped his fucking head with a loud crunching sound.

Blood and violence was painted on the floor and walls but Ruby stood spotless. She wiped off her blade and on a dead T1 and shieved her blade before walking over and jumping into my arms and kissing me on the lips.

She grinned at me. “It’s good to see you Chris.”

I nodded slowly watchful of her. Ruby was a wild one. Deadly. Lethal and sexy ass hell. She was team Bravos sniper assassin.

“What happened with squad Bravo?” I asked.

Ruby wrapped her legs around my waist and shook her head. “Your a smart man. You must have figured out this is trap. Andy, Dan and I were the only ones that made it here alive and then things went to shit quickly enough.”

I stared at her. “West and Betty met you at the doors?”

“The answer to the question your not asking is yes. They broke code. Though I have no fucking idea why.” Ruby said and then smiled at me. “You seem to be available now. What do you say to-“

“Sure. I have to get Jill and Berry out of here though before we start fucking. You find a ride out of this hellhole.” I said.

Ruby stared at me. “Hmm. Is Jill your-“

“-Yes. I thought that was clear enough. Jill doesn’t like to mention it because she wanted to stand on her own.”

Ruby smiled. “Don’t worry baby cakes. I will make you forget all about that fat ass cow in one night.”

I stared at her. “I’ve already forgotten about her. If you haven’t already guessed.” I said.

Ruby giggled rubbing herself against my crutch. “You are such a sweet heart and just the right size for me.”

Warm Regards,



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