Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 9

Chapter 3


I felt pissed off and didn’t know why. Damn it. Chris.

Berry was trying to move a barrier from a door that led into a conneting hallway toward the west wing while I poked around a large closet trying to find some item we might use. I found a stiletto knife, matches and lighter and a few useless trinkets.

“I got it.” Berry said.

I hurried out of the closet as Berry tried the door knub. It didn’t work.

I came over to pick it but there was no key hole. Fuck it. “Break the door down.”

Berry shoved against the door twice and nothing happened. He looked at me.

“I can’t move it.”

Holy shit. I shook my head. “That’s not possible.” I said.

Berry kept shoving at the door. I heard the other door lock. Shit. I ran over toward it and tried to open it. The fucker wouldn’t go.

Trapped. For what reason? I heard the reason as the ceiling started coming down on us. What the fuck?

Berry came over pushing me aside and started shoving at the door. I looked around the room for switch or button.

My gaze fell on a painting on the wall beside the door. It was a painting of two locks.

I went over examined it and touched them. The locks were real. “Berry get your ass over here.”

“What you find?” Berry rushed over.

Handed him the stiletto knife while I got out my lock picking device. “Their the same model of lock. We have to unlock it together.”

Berry nodded and we both went to work on our locks as the ceiling came down on us. We worked fast and in time until we managed to unlock both locks at the same time with a click.

Both doors clicked open and the ceiling rose upward again. I fell to the floor sweating and shaky a bit. Berry just glared at the painting.

“I’m going to kill whoever led us into this death trap of place before Chris does.” He looked down at me. “You ready?”

I wanted to run out of this mad house but Chris was still here. I wasn’t going anywhere without him with me. We needed answers and a vehicle fast enough to get us out or communication to the outside world to get a ride out. I got up.

“Let’s go.”

Warm Regards,



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