The bullshit….Uncharted trailer dropped and I just don’t get it.

Here’s the trailer.

Tom Holland is playing Nathan Drake. Okay. Here’s the problem. Only one problem.

I’m sorry but the dude doesn’t look like his balls have dropped at all. The whole shit is off and looks like a comedy. I guess Sony is shooting for one shot movie. Whatever.

I get it. We need to make a movie. We got to put that young handsome dude on the screen. We got to get him. That’s how we get the money.

Same old bullshit. Fucking damn shame.

Nathan Drake. I think 30 to 40. He looks like he’s got all his experiences and fuck ups and is a full grown man.

James Bond 36-44. Experienced. Cool. Handsome. Charming. Top level man in his fucking prime.

Tom Holland 16 to 25. A young man. Not full grown mother fucking man yet.

The gaming nerds will love it. So ignore me. I’m an old gamer fuck but still after all this time. Sony is following in Nintendo’s foot steps and fucking up the bag already.

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